As a pants (trouser) lover it is only natural that as the weather is heating up I am reaching for her close cousin, the short. I am still navigating my way around the idea of a skirt, with denim and printed versions making a tempting case! But in the meantime I’ll return to an old Summer favourite.

Five essential shorts that every girl should have in their wardrobe are, a denim pair, a printed pair, a high waisted pair, an evening pair and a leather pair.

When it comes to shorts I tend to go for a high waisted pair, as they are very flattering and make your legs look longer. Only downside is that you have to have a cropped top or a tuckable top to pair them with.

Here I am daring to bring my leathers into the light, working them with this day look. Ideally I’d keep the leather for an evening look, but here they work very well, paired with a conservative jacket.

Here are some of my current favourites available in store now:

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