Location: Trastevere
Jacket | Pinko
Jeans | ZARA
Boots | M Missoni

While our ancestors were accustomed to wearing wool in Winter and cotton in Summer, with a variation in Autumn and Spring, it seems that, in the last few years, not even my weather apps can keep up with the, sometimes, hourly changes of weather.

In Winter it’s too hot for a coat and while I am not complaining about enjoying my aperol spritz al fresco well into November, it becomes a little more challenging for my wardrobe.

Pre-global warming, the change of wardrobe came about twice a year, but these days I seem to have an all year round closet crammed with pieces I can layer and fabrics that can adapt. However there is one piece of clothing that seems to be thriving in these crazy weather patterns; the jacket.

For example this Pinko bomber jacket that I purchased in Winter has grown roots, standing firm well into Spring. In Winter it flirts with thick wools and supple leathers while in Summer it seduces cool cottons and delicate linens.

So while the weather may be unpredictable, at least we now have a good excuse to drop a small fortune on some outerwear! The jacket! Opt for a blazer, a bomber or even a kimono should you dare!



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