When it comes to blogging, it can be a lonely affair. It’s all down to you, your little notebook full of ideas and writing away, hoping all the while that you are not talking to yourself! You relish in the little comments you receive and that little ping sound that alerts you that you have a new follower. However there is someone who doesn’t get enough consideration, if any at all and that is the photographer.

I don’t know about you, but I find that a lot of bloggers use their other halves for their blog pictures. I guess they care enough about our passion for fashion that they are willing to stand outside, rain, hail, wind or snow just to get the perfect shot of those new ZARA heels!

I think we need to take a moment to appreciate our patient and talented photographers, who let us boss them around and let us take up their weekends, just to get the right angle on a busy street.

First up is Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad. She has had two boyfriends as photographers. It was tough to see doe eyed Richie leave our screens, but edgy Andrew was a worthy replacement!

Chiara and Richie
Chiara and Andrew

Next up is the quirky Parisian duo Betty Autier of Le Blog de Betty and Mathiew Lebreton of DAAAMN, they both have a blog and he is a photographer.

Betty and Mathieu

The most high fashion and professional couple has be  Garance Dore and Scott Schuman, they are like the Jay-Z and Beyonce of fashion blogging. She describes herself as a fashion photographer, illustrator, and writer and you can follow her on her blog www.garancedore.fr. And of course the one and only Scott Schuman is the creator and the photographer behind The Sartorialist. 

This Scandinavian power couple, Caroline Blomst and photographer boyfriend Daniel Troyse, work on her blog Carolines Mode and cover some of the best street style in Sweden.

Last but not least is a tribute to my own photographer, Lorenzo. His patience knows no bounds! Although he may not be a professional photographer, he has a great eye and always comes up with new ideas on how to photograph what I am wearing. Plus he has great style too 😉

What are your thoughts on blogger boyfriends? Who takes your blog photos?

I want to hear from you 🙂

Love Dani xx

11 thoughts on “Bloggers and their boyfriends: The Men behind the lens

  1. I tried the whole boyfriend-takes-my-pictures routine, but it didn't work. Every photo shoot we got into a huge fight so I started taking my own pictures. And I'm actually happy about that, it turned out way better than I'd ever have imagined… Cool post, babe, I always wondered about people behind the lens!! Happy Tuesday.;)


  2. My boyfriend can't keep a reflex in his bloody hands. My tripod is much better at taking pictures than he is ;D But it is true though, behind a great blogger there's a great boyfriend/best friend!


  3. Ahh its lovely to see the people behind the lens. Currently my sister takes all my pictures.
    Although my boyfriend wants to step up and do it now. But at the moment, he takes care of the design bit on my blog.


  4. I can't agree more on what you said in this post!
    It takes great teamwork with my bf to be able to take pictures for my blog as he doesn't have much interest in photography but he is learning it to be supportive and thankfully his skills are improving!

    Have a good weekend Dani!


  5. Can't agree more with you on having great team work to have proper blog posts.
    I am thankful for my bf's help in taking my pictures eventhough he has no interest in photography, but with all the practice he does seem to be getting better.
    Have a good weekend Dani!



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