ZARA sale goodies

I have always maintained that I didn’t really like online shopping. It’s true that I have dabbled in a bit of Ebay in the past, but when it comes to buying something online, that I could just as easily go to the shop and get, it just didn’t appeal to me.

It is not that I thought online shopping is lazy. Obviously it is an ideal option for those who have hectic and busy lives. I guess I just loved the shopping experience too much. I loved to see and touch the fabrics, to try on the clothes and I really could spend hours in just one shop, (see patient boyfriend). Isn’t shopping online all about the quick fix, and how do you know what you’re really getting ?

However recently I have found myself buying online and downloading a few apps to my iPhone, where I can check out what my favourite stores have, new in this week. Creating a wish list, I can make a note of all my favourite things and thus be prepared for the next shopping trip. This is not including the instagram following and facebook feed notifications of my favourite brands, on what is currently hot or even selling out ! (What pressure!)

Living in Rome means I have a great selection of all the major brands, both designer and High street. I am spoiled for choice. But much to my disappointment, sometimes my carefully studied wish lists go out the window, when they don’t have whats online, in store. I remember searching for weeks at ZARA, waiting for a pair of shoes to come in, that were calling me from every social networking platform. In fear of them selling out, I decided to try on a similar pair, for size, and then just buy them online. Success ! They arrived, beautifully packaged and I felt like a child at Christmas, opening a new package.

When the ZARA summer sale started here last Saturday, I decided to put my new online skills into use. I figured if I went into ZARA ahead of time and tried on what I liked, to get the right sizes, I could just order it all online. Another sneaky trick I had, was that the sale had already begun in Ireland, and so by changing the code from IT at the end of to IE, so I could see what was/would be on sale. Come Midnight on Friday/Saturday the sale was up and running and I had my purchases in my basket before you can say Anna Wintour.With free shipping for orders over fifty euros, I was very excited to avoid the first day of sales, as I smugly had  a lie in, in bed, instead of fight some feisty, bargain hungry fashionista.

Aside from online only stores, like ASOS, I think that online shopping is the smart girl’s guide to happy sale shopping. Yes some preparation is required, but in the end the bargains are worth it. As for general day to day shopping, it is always worth a look on the website to see if they offer any different colours or even completely different pieces, that won’t come to a store near you. Advice; know your size and and know your credit card limit !

Whats your opinion ? Online shopping is the only way for you ? or you don’t believe it, unless you see it !
That’s all for now,
Love Dani xx

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