Hi all !

So here is an update from the Iggy Pop and the Stooges concert, that I went to with Lorenzo on Thursday night. I had done a post on Music Festival looks for inspiration and as you can see I went with the short denim shorts and boots look. The shorts are from Hollister and the boots are Primark.  I then decided to go with a neon orange top from H&M and finally my military style, sleeveless jacket from Pull and Bear, to roughen up the look. Accessories wise I had my chain with the yellow green feather from Australia and the little ball charm from Croatia. I also had my knuckle duster style snake ring that my aunt Belinda in L.A. gave me 3 years ago. 

Me and Lorenzo had such a good time and Iggy was in top form, he really put on a show, as always.
I love going to their concerts because the crowd is always so mixed. There are older rockers, tattoos and all. Elegant ladies, their rocker past well hidden underneath their in linen summer suits, in sweet pastel colours. And then there are the father/mother and son/daughters combos that see parents sharing their passions with their kids.
Next Wednesday we will be back there to see the Arctic Monkeys, which I am really excited about.  So stay tuned for more ! Any outfit inspiration for that one is wanted, so leave your comments .
That’s all for now,
Love Dani xx

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