Topshop Jellies
Diane Von Furstenburg Jellies

Anne Hathaway

Vivienne Westwood winged jellies

Azealia Banks

Givenchy rubber/Jelly take on the sandal

Nicola Roberts

Givenchy rubber/Jelly take on the sandal

David Bowie

Majority of Photos are credited to Tumblr

Jelly Sandals. I had a pair. In fact I had a new pair ever summer, from the age of 4 to 8. A wardrobe staple for a child of the early nineties, some might say. Yeah, along with white frilly socks and colourful leggings, they were my go to pieces, to stay on trend.
My favourite thing about my first pair, I remember distinctly they were a baby pink and on the bottom, underneath, they had some kind of fish or shell motif and when you would walk in the sand, it would leave the print.
From recent celebrity/fashion sightings, it would appear that the jelly sandal is making a come back. But I wasn’t quite sure what to make of pictures of celebrities, such as Anne Hathaway, prancing around in this childhood classic.
As an (aspiring) adult woman, I like to think I have an open mind, especially when it comes to fashion trends. Ya I’ll try shoulder pads. Sequin trousers ? Why not ! However, I am not sure I can bring myself to wear the Jelly Sandal. In the process of trying to convince myself, I did find some updated versions, see Givenchy and Vivienne Westwood. Maybe just a matte colour, no sparkles, no neon brights and perhaps even black would make them more grown up appropriate ? What if Karl Lagerfeld himself , delivered a pair of the Chanel, sleek, black jellies to my house, would I wear them ?? Or slam the door in disgust !
Then there is the conspiracy theory. What if all the fashion heads of the world, have gotten together, and decided each year, to bring back one fashion disaster of the past and pass it off as the must have trend of next season. Perhaps they’re all laughing at us, mere sheep in brightly coloured rubber footwear !
My conclusion is that as much as I usually love fashion’s rummaging through the historic fashion archives, to bring back those much loved pieces of the past, I think they have hit the bottom of the barrel. Reworked, restyled or renamed they will forever be of my childhood and remain there, along with the frilly socks.

That’s all for now,
What are your thoughts ? Are you or will you rock some jelly footwear this summer ?
 Love Dani xx

11 thoughts on “Jelly Sandals; Trending my inner 6 year old

  1. Oh Jellies… the shoes I begged for as a child… now I don't think I could ever wear them….
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I really appreciate it! You have a lovely blog and I will definitely be a regular reader!


  2. There's no way in hell I am going to go back to these little evil things! I remember hating them when I used to be a child, and only wore them to get into the water what the seabed was full of rocks XD I like the glittery ones though, I think everyone who was born in the 90s must love them, it's in our nature! I would never make grown up people wear them though, they are strictly child-only to me! (David, I still love you don't worry!)
    Btw thank you for popping over my blog! Funny how things goes: people come and go, it's a neverending flow! I have never been to Ireland though, I'd really love to and I think I'm missing out!


  3. Love them! I have 2 pairs clear and glitter. greatest find of my adult life! But im definitly not known for my fashion sense!


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