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Working in Perth’s Claremont Quarter I have the privledge of getting to witness the style of some of Perth’s most fashionable ladies on a daily basis. Individuality is a must with no two women looking the same, however lately I have been noticing a common trend, House of Harlow 1960’s jewelry.
House of Harlow 1960, is the brain child of non other than Hollywood darling Nicole Richie. With collections comprising of bags, shoes, jewelry and sunglasses (with her clothing lined named Winter Kate), Richie launched her line in 2009.

Nicole maybe otherwise known as daughter of golden oldie Lionel Richie or as Paris Hilton’s wild side kick in the car crash tv series called the Simple Life and then there was that controversial skinny period phase as she palled around with celeb stylist Rachel Zoe. However Nicole has managed to beat the odds and avoid the usual celeb foray into fashion disaster (A.K.A Lindsay for Herve Leger!!).

House of Harlow combines Nicole’s own personal style of big sunnies, retro maxi dresses and hippy couture  and translates it in her jewellary collection.

Classic yet retro, part Art Deco part Tribal, Nicole seems to be influenced by so many things. Creations in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold are simple yet have carefully considered detail. Claremont ladies are favouring the starburst circular piece in necklaces and earrings however my favourite is the leather plated necklace.
Santa take note !
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